SilcSkin - anti-wrinkle patches 

SilcSkin patches treat fine lines and wrinkles:

  • in the eye area
  • lip and cheek area
  • eyebrow and forehead area
  • neck
  • decolette
The patches have gained many fans in the USA, Australia and Europe and now also available in our studio. Patches are made of medical grade silicon, free from latex, glues and any alergens. Developed and produced in the USA.

Each box contains patch or patches for a specific part treatment. Patches are reusable for up to one month.

Why SilcSkin:

  • Made from 100% medical grade silicone
  • improvement of irregular collagen structure, create better blood flow, which leads to better skin quality
  • better skin hydration by drawing moisture from the lower layers of the skin to the surface
  • better scar healing
  • Long-term use restores the skin's elasticity, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles
  • easy to use

  • use during the day or overnight. The patch should work for at least 1 hour.