BODY WRAPS SLIM is a body treatment that helps to slim the body, reduce cellulite and firm the skin.

➡️ Stimulation of the lymphatic system and drainage containing toxins brings reduction of 5-30 cm in the total body measurements (total measured in 9 places)

➡️ Body Wraps SLIM renewed ingredients bring these effects:

  • accelerates lipolysis (fat burning)
  • stimulates fat loss and prevents the formation of new fat cells
  • detoxifies the body, reduces fatigue and strengthens the immune system
  • improves function of the lymphatic system
  • removes excess water  and reduces swelling
  • helps digestion, regular bowel movements and eliminates the excess gas in the abdomen
  • contains vitamins, minerals for healthy and clean skin
  • improves skin hydration

How does it work

Before the Body Wrap: the evening before the procedure, a whole-body non-greasy peeling is recommended. Do not apply any cream or lotion afterwards. Do not play sports on the day of the procedure. Do not eat or drink coffee straight before the treatment. Do not eat heavy meals 2 hours before the treatment. If you are schedulled for mornting, eat something light for breakfast. Wear a sports bra without bones and panties for changing (or you can buy disposable underwear).

At the salon: Upon arrival at the salon, you will have a BW TEA ready and we will explain you the entire course of the procedure. Then we start the procedure by measuring and then we wrap you in warm bandages. After the procedure we take your measures again and provide you with slimming results of the treatment. To support effect of the body wrap you receive a package of BW TEA for next 7 days. Drink the tea 3xday before the meal.

After the Body Wrap: If possible, do not shower for at least 12-24hrs. Every day drink 2-3 l vody a the BW TEA before the meal.

Between the treamtnets: Maintain healthy lifestyle and hydrate your body sufficiently. It is recommended not to smoke and drink alcohol while you undergo the BW treatments.

How many treatments I need?

The number of procedures depends on your goals. If you need an instant drainage and short term slimming (e.g. before vacation or wedding)  you will need 1 wrap, which lasts 90 minutes. Customers choose single wrap either for health reasons, when water is retained in the body or before an event or ball.

If you wish to focus on your slimming and cellulite, body wrap will support your efforts to lose weight and smooth the cellulite through 3 -10 wraps. To make the treatment as effective as possible, it is recommended to repeat the wrap within 7 to 10 days.

Pictures below are after the first Body Wrap treatment:

The achieved results are individual and may vary from client to client. It all depends on the problem, the rate of metabolism and the condition of the lymphatic system and the lifestyle of the client. We guarantee at least 5cm loss, otherwise the body wrap is free.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • infectious diseases, acute viral and bacterial diseases
  • oncology diseases also in remission or treated
  • after overcoming another serious illness, operation or in the case of hormonal disorders, it is necessary to consult your doctor

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