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We moved! 

starting August 1st 2023, Biologique Recherche cosmetics can be found in the new premises, at the address: 

Zuzany Chalupovej 9
Bratislava / Slnečnice

0948 60 50 40

Biologique Recherche Face Care

We are honored to bring beauty to our clients through exceptional treatments Biologique Recherche. Biologique Recherche treatments represent a completely different philosophy of non-invasive approach to the skin, renewal of the epidermis and skin health. In BR treatments, the skin does not erupt and does not squeeze out. You will feel the change right after the first treatment. The products consist of quality compositions and active pure ingredients that match the quality of the brand. The formulations are used in combination with specific techniques so the desired result is achieved. BR cosmetics are suitable for lifelong use as well as for effective solutions to acute skin problems.

Biologique Recherche products contain high concentrations of active ingredients. They work quickly, in depth, naturally and achieve visible lasting results. Exceptional results and efficiency are guaranteed by active ingredients, which are obtained from the highest quality raw materials by cold processes. Each product has a high concentration of 100% botanical, marine and biological extracts. Preserving the original structure of the active substances is the only way to guarantee their effectiveness at the time of usage. Therefore, the active substances are added to the products only at the end of the production process. BR cosmetics are not perfumed. This retains its unique effect and eliminates possible allergic reactions. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, anti-aging care and care for problematic skin.

What is the secret to the healing effects of Biologique Recherche cosmetics?  In 1977,  an experienced biologist, physiotherapist and physician (Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche) combined their knowledge to develop products that, thanks to their scientific and medical base, are chosen by clients who expect cosmetics to have a real effect based on a medical approach to skin. The exclusive Biologique Recherche  treatments and products eliminate acne and smoothes wrinkles. The skin will restore a healthy look and a feeling of young an plumped skin.

We have been working with the Biologique Recherche brand since October 2012, and since 2021 we have acquired the exceptional Center Expert salon category.

Center Expert are authorized salons of the cosmetics brand Biologique Recherche, which provide premium skin and body treatments exclusively with the products of this French brand. Salons of this selective category offer their clients highly personalized care. When you visit the Center Expert, skin diagnostics awaits you with the Skin Instant Lab © device, which determines your current skin condition, the so-called Skin Instant ©. To enhance the treatment result, these salons use the unique Remodeling Face® Machine, which is used to incorporate products into the skin during the salon treatment. This bio-electrotherapy remodels the contours of the face and smoothes wrinkles, thus achieving an immediate and exceptional effect.

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