Removal of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) using light therapy is one of the most modern methods. The device works on the principle of converting intense light into thermal energy.

The intense light pulse is absorbed in the tissue contained melanin - hair folicules which are destroyed by the thermal energy. The treatment is most effective on the pigmentations that are deposited in the upper skin layers. After the treatment, the pigment spots darken or turn gray-brown. The occurrence of a slight redness at the edges is normal, as well as the formation of a brown coating. 

After 8 to 14 days after the treatment the pigmented skin cells are expelled from the skin and the spot begins to fade. Further treatment can be performed 4 weeks apart. The need to repeat the treatment is individual, one to four treatments are recommended.

Obmedzenia/Kontraindikácie pri všetkých IPL ošetreniach:

sun tanned skin, people who develop hypertrophic and keloid scars, active or frequent herpes infection in the treated area, 6 months after use of natural or synthetic vitamin A derivatives, retinoids (ISOTRETINOIN, ROACCUTAN - used to treat acne) in case of topical use of retinoids (Retin-A) or bleaching agents: hydroquinone (stop at least 2 weeks before the procedure) It is also not recommended to take high beta carotene products a few months before the procedure, botox-treated areas, tattoos, damaged or inflamed skin, fungal diseases, skin diseases, skin melanoma, chemotherapy, epilepsy, circulatory disorders, fever, pregnancy and breastfeeding

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