Biologique Recherche Face Care

Skin Instant Lab

Skin diagnosis of your Skin Instant. Free when purchasing products worth 250eur or more. Appointment needed. How to prepare skin for the Skin Instant Lab?


Basic treatments

Clean skin treatment

(Double cleansing, Deep cleansing, Lotion P50, Lip Care, Masque, Coctail of Authentic serums, Cream, Finishing serum)


Relax your skin

(Double cleansing, Massage, Lotion P50, Lip Care, Masque, Coctail of Authentic serums, Cream, Finishing serum)


Complete care

(Double cleansing, Deep cleansing, Massage Lotion P50, Lip Care, Masque, Coctail of Authentic serums, Cream, Finishing serum)


Masque Vivant

Masque for acne prone and inflammatory skin. Clense the skin, tighten the pores, lightens, unifies and soothes the skin, speeds up the skin regeneration.

w/o addition

Masque VIP O2

Anti-pollution treatment. Stressed, devitalized, dull and sensible skin or skin of smokers will find the skin refreshed, beautified and hydrated.

w/o addition

Masque Visolastine+

Hydrating maskfor dry, fragile and sensitive skin, hydrates, regenerates, brings comfort and long-lasting skin hydration.

w/o addition

Biomagic masque

Balancing and brightening treatment. For seborrhea or less toned skin with enlarged pores, cleanses the skin and tightens pores, tones and unifies the skin.


Masque Vernix

Hydra-Soothing mask, repairs and nourishes skin. Intensively hydrates the skin, improves skin elasticity and has a preventive effect against wrinkles.


Specific beauty treatments
(Iconic Biologique Recherche skin treatment with BR boosters for an immediate effect and deep regeneration. All beauty treatments include lip care.

Toleskin - NEW facial treatment for sensitive skin

revolutionary treatment for intolerant skin is focused on skin desensitization. The soothing and skin-sensitive treatment desensitizes the epidermis, improving its tolerance when facing daily stress. Itching and overheating are reduced, while redness immediately subsides. The skin is refreshed and less reactive.


Soin Lissant

Hydration and firming of the skin. The most popular treatment, intensive hydration in combination with massage techniques for smoothing and restoring skin contours. Also suitable for very sensitive skin.



Cleanses, soothes and hydrates the skin. Deeply cleanses the skin, dissolves millia, reduces acne and inflammation, hydrates the skin, reduces redness on the face and fills in fine wrinkles, evens out skin color


Lift C.V.S

Lifting and correction of facial wrinkles. A special lifting massage of the face and décolleté fills in wrinkles with an immediate effect. Softens hyperceratinized skin. The skin is radiant after treatment, wrinkles are reduced.


ViPO2 Booster

Oxygenating and detoxifying treatment suitable for all skin types. Active oxygen supports the skin's renewal processes, cleanses the skin and removes the gray shade of the skin. It brings the skin a new radiant touch and a healthy look. The skin is immediately radiant and glowing.



Astonishing collagen treatment. Intensive anti-aging treatment with 100% collagen. It strengthens, tones and tightens the skin, significantly tightens the pores, the skin is hydrated and unified in color. Fériee rejuvenates and the skin feels very refreshed.


Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage

Balancing treatment. Treatment with a gentle mask with fruit acids, smooths and softens the skin, cleans and tightens pores and unifies the skin tone.


PIGM400 brightening treatment

Brightening and brightening treatment designed to reduce dark spots and overall lightening and brightening of the skin.


Masque aux Acides de Fruits

Deep skin renewal with 100% fruit acids. Fruit acids penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, cleanses the skin deeply, brightens, tightens enlarged pores, smooths and softens the skin. The skin is clean and immediately brightened and softened.


Microneedleing - COMING SOON

Anti-wrinkle treatment (Make-up, Disinfection, Cocktail serum for skin renewal, Mask, Cream, Finishing serum.)


Seconde Peau

Unique anti-aging treatment with 100% medical grade hyaluronic acid. The treatment can be paired with electroporation with RFM for even better effect.


Double treatment

Combination of two boosters. Price depends on products used.


Add ons:

(surcharge to basic or specific beuaty treatments apply)


Bio-electrotherapy increases oxygenation of the skin cells and improves the absorption of active ingredients contained in the products. Face contours are remodeled and wrinkles smoothed while achieving an immediate and exceptional effect and skin glow.



Applying serums into the skin, stimulation of the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté. This bio-electrotherapy remodels the contours of the face and smoothes wrinkles, tones and shapes. It acts like Pilates on the facial muscles, restoring youthful contours. The results are immediate and cumulative.



Stimulation of facial muscles - lower oval of the face. This bio-electrotherapy remodels the contours of the face, tones and shapes. It acts like Pilates on the facial muscles, restoring youthful contours of the lower part and the double chin area. The results are immediate and cumulative.



when applying with Platysma mask



The thermal high-frequency pulse current allows high penetration of the upper layers of the epidermis and helps the migration of active ingredients towards the cells by creating temporary doors on their surface. Ideal to combine with Féerie and Seconde Peau treatments.



Masque Féerie 100% collagen


Masque Collagene Caviar

full face


Masque Collagene Caviar for eye area

eye area


Masque Biovecteur Marine

full face


Masque BioVecteur Marine

wrinkle area


Masque Patchs Defatigants


PIGM400 brightening masque


Platysma double chin masque


Vernix masque


Biomagic masque


Biofixine masque


Biosensible masque


Cold masque


Prices as of 1.1.2023