Fotorejuvenization, is a painless treatment to prevent aging, for brightening and rejuvenating the skin. At the same time, it serves to increase hydration, reduces wrinkles, closes dilated pores and reduce pigmentation. Fotorejuvenization is also used to treat acne as it calmes inflammation in the skin and prevents the development of bacteria.

This method is a non-invasive procedure  and you can then continue your normal daily activities after the treatment.

Choose this treatment to:

  • boost the collagen levels
  • fine lines and wrinkles reduction
  • firm and tone the skin
  • reduce pigmentation
  • reduce rosacea
  • reduce post acne scaring
  • reduce acne

How does it work?

The device applies the so-called intense pulsed light, which penetrates into deeper skin layers in the treated area. The treatment is painless and the client may feel only a slight overheating of the treated area. After the treatment, a regenerating cream is applied to the skin and you can continue your daily activities. Avoid sun exposure and use SPF 50 on the treated area.

The treatment consists of 4 to 6 treatments in 1 to 2-week, maximum monthly intervals. One treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. In acne treatment, the number and repetition of treatments is individual according to the condition of the skin. The reward for your patience will be younger, smoother, more supple and firmer skin, the skin texture will visibly improve, lines and wrinkles will soften, pores tighten and sebum production will be reduced.

With acne treatment the changes are visible already next day. For anti-aging allow about 8 weeks for the visible changes.  The achieved results are of a long-term nature and last for about 12 months. It is recommended for women and men from the age of 30, for acne problems from the age of 18 (with parental consent if under 18).

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