Skin Instant Lab

Analýza potrieb vašej pokožky

The Biologique Recherche beautician will perform a thorough dermocosmetic diagnosis in order to accurately determine your Skin Instant ©. This diagnosis is performed using the Skin Instant © Lab and includes a visual analysis, questionnaire, and measurements to design a treatment protocol that exactly matches your needs.

How to prepare for skin diagnostics with the Biologique Recherche device?

Come to the diagnostics without make-up and without the use of cosmetic products. The skin should be clean for at least 2-3 hours before the actual measurement.

The Skin Instant® Lab consists of five probes connected to a computer equipped with diagnostic and analytical software specially developed by Biologique Recherche. The probes are used to collect measurements to determine:

- Hydration - Moisture content measured by corneometry (skin hydration).
- Water loss also known as transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which defines the effectiveness of the lipid barrier.
- Elasticity of the skin - is the ability of the skin to regain its original shape after compression, measured by cutometry.
- Pigmentation - Skin melanin index, measuring the "absorption" of light to monitor changes in skin pigmentation.
- Sebum content - measured by photometry indicates the degree of lubrication of the skin in each zone.

Based on the objective values ​​of Skin Instant® Lab measurements, the software linked to the Biologique Recherche database offers a selection of products and treatments perfectly adapted to each client's skin.

 Diagnosis is part of initial care. It is also available to customers who want to purchase home care products.

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