Biologique Recherche Body Care

Welcome to the world of unique body care treatments.

The Biologique Recherche body care brings made-to-measure treatments that respect your body, tones and firms the skin, giving it healthy and youthful look, immediate glow and feeling of freshness.

Special massage techniques in conjunction with the personalized combination of Biologique Recherche products contribute to the reduction of fat deposits, cellulite and water retention. Results of the bespoke body treatments are immediate and long-lasting.The skin is visibly hydrated and renewed, your body and senses regenerated and relaxed.

P50 New Skin                                                                     

Exfoliating and preparatory treatment. Leaves your skin softer, more even, hydrated and ready for home care with Biologique Recherche.                                                                                                                     30 min 35€

P50 New Skin for Summer

Exfoliating and regenerating treatment. Treatment tailored for summer vacation. The skin is exfoliated for an even sun-tan, hydrated and silk soft .                                                                                                   45 min  59€

P50 & Relax

P50 New Skin with relaxing massage.                                                                                                    60 min 59€

Contour LIFT Corps

Real anti-aging body treatment. This slimming, firming and toning treatment that leaves your body with a renewed skin texture and improved body contours.                                                                        90 min 95€

Anti-C Liposcult treatment

Slimming and anti cellulite treatment focusing on problematic areas of a body.  Treatment stimulates the lymphatic drainage and works effectively on areas with cellulite                                                     90 min 95€

Detox & Oxygenating Algae

Cleaning and detoxification treatment. Energizing massage with body glove followed by a pure seaweed wrap. It helps remove toxins, improves micro-circulation and cleanses the skin. Also available when pregnant.         120 min  120€

Light Legs

Relief for 'heavy feet'. Improves blood circulation, lightens and refreshes your tired legs. The treatment stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage of the legs and helps weight-less feeling.        60 min 65€

Made-to-Measure treatment

A body treatment tailored exactly to the needs of your skin and body will guarantee you restoration of balance and well-being.                                                                                                                  90 min 95€  / 120 min 120€

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Prices as of 20.6.2022