Pamper your feet with the relaxation and care they deserve. Your feet will be professionally treated by an expert with many years of experience in foot care. We offer classic wet pedicure, dry pedicure or combined pedicure.

Wet pedicure

This method has been used for decades. The whole procedure begins with a short foot bath in warm water with emollients or bath salts. Then the pedicurist dries the feet thoroughly and starts removing excess skin. This is followed by nail treatment - shortening, filing nail polishing and skin treatment with a special cream or oil.

Dry pedicure

also called medical pedicure, is the most gentle treatment of the feet, where the excess skin is abraded with the help of the device. The pedicurist first disinfects and prepares the nails. It abrades the hardened skin around them, shortens and adjusts their shape and thickness. When needed, ingrown nails are treated. In the next phase hardened skin is removed, bruises and calluses with the help of a high-speed grinder. In the end, the pedicurist treats the feet with cream or oil.

Combination pedicure

It is a combination of wet classic pedicure and dry medical pedicure. The treatment usually begins with a bath. The pedicurist then chooses between the scalpel or the dry pedicure device, whichever is more appropriate. The nails are cleaned with a medical device and the area around the nail is adjusted. In the end, the pedicurist treats the whole legs with cream or oil.

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