Biologique Recherche Body Care

      Treat yourself with unique care of Biologique Recherche. The extraordinary treatments that many celebrities swear to are like a deep breath for your body. They regenerate your skin and relax your mind.

Anyone who knows the effectiveness of Biologique Recherche products will love these body care treatments.

Special massage techniques in conjunction with the personalized combination of Biologique Recherche products contribute to the reduction of fat deposits, cellulite and the reduction of water retention. Results of the bespoke body treatments are immediate and long-lasting.

The skin is visibly hydrated and renewed, your body and senses regenerated and relaxed.

P50 New Skin

Exfoliating and regenerating treatment. It leaves your skin silky smooth, more even and hydrated.

P50 & Relax

P50 New Skin with relaxing massage

Contour Lift

Slimming, firming and toning anti-aging treatment that leaves your body with a renewed skin texture and improves body contours.

Detox & Oxygenating Algae (coming soon..)

Cleaning and detoxification treatment. Energizing massage with body glove followed by a pure seaweed wrap. It helps remove toxins, improves micro-circulation and cleanses the skin.Also available when pregnant.

Light Legs

Relief for 'heavy feet'. Improves blood circulation, lightens and refreshes your tired legs. The treatment stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage of the legs and helps weight-less feeling.

Made-to-measure treatment

A body treatment tailored exactly to the needs of your skin and body will guarantee you restoration of balance and well-being.

How often to come for the BR Body Care treatment?

  • Body Care treatments are available throughout the year
  • Treat yourself with a relaxing body care whenever your body needs to relax and your skin needs to look fresh. Regular body care (once a two weeks) brings the benefits of renewed, radiant and healthy skin.
  • Treatments for slimming, skin firming, detox and cellulite are recommended to undergo in series 1-2 treatments av week ( 6-8 treatments in total)
  • Visible changes to your skin tone already after the first treatment
  • You will maintain the achieved results with subsequent treatments, depending on the condition of the skin, we recommend maintenance treatments once or twice a month
Contraindications: damaged, inflamed skin, sunburn skin, open wounds and injuries, scabs, scars up to 6 months, fungal skin diseases, heart failure, antibiotics, high blood pressure, fever, inflammatory processes in the body, varicose veins, venous inflammation, pregnancy, active herpes, skin melanoma, skin disease, eczema, after vaccination, cancer, chemotherapy

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